Waxing Services 

Eyebrow Wax-$20

Lip/chin/nose/sideburns Wax-$10

Full face Wax-$45

Under Arm Wax-$25
Full arm Wax-$50
½ arm Wax-$30

Full leg Wax-$65

½ leg Wax-$45
Stomach Wax-$25

Bikini line Wax-$35(women only)

Bikini extended Wax-$40
(women only)

Brazilian Wax-$55, (women only)

Full back Wax-$50

Here at Skin Care by April we use the best waxing products in the industry!  No double dipping here!  We take pride in keeping a clean and safe waxing experience.

waxing stick, Ceripil hard wax great for Brazilian Wax and Sensitive areas

To insure the best waxing experience for you please come with clean skin that is free of lotions.  Discontinue the use of Retin-A or any other skin thinning /acne products 7 days prier to your waxing appointment. If using accutain waxing cannot be preformed. Do not use any deodorant for 24 hours after an underarm wax.

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